Out of My Head

You know that feeling where things are just so knotted up in your mind that you’re next move is to just blurt the truth out. Well here’s my second rendition this morning. Last night was the first chance I  got to hear the new tracks of Lupe Fiasco’s new album “Lasers” which features his top new single “The Show Goes On”. Comparing it to his others, this album features more well-known artists such as John Legend and Trey Songz.  Initially, I was surprised as Lupe incorporated a lot of new sounds, but listening to it on repeat it and letting the surrounding sounds fade it became more and more apparent that he is truly one of the greatest lyricists of our Rap industry today. So make a move, take a listen again, again ,and again.  Eventually you wont be able to get it out of your head.

Lupe Fiasco feat Trey Songz – Out Of My Head

 Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said Ft Skylar Grey

Lupe Fiasco – Break The Chain Ft. Eric Turner And Sway (Produced By iSHi)

Lupe Fiasco – Till I Get There (Produced By Needlz)


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