Dubstep Today

Late start to the day but I can promise you the wait will be worth it.  I have a number of dubstep songs that I feel everyone will thoroughly enjoy.  Watch out for the wobble monster! I’m digging the work Adventure Club is doing on these singles, more to come from them for sure.  Here’s a little dose of dub…

DIRTY!!Diana Vickers – Sunlight (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7270824_rvve8/Sunlight%20%28Adventure%20Club%20Dubstep%20Remix%29.mp3]

DIRTY!!Jason Falkner – Only You (Zeds Dead Remix) [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7270823_m3lzf/Only%20You%20%28Zeds%20Dead%20Remix%29.mp3]

Nero – Guilt (HQ) [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7270822_4jocz/Guilt.mp3]

BONUS: Dr. Dre & Eminem ft. Sklyar Grey – I Need A Doctor (Disco Reason Remix) [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7270821_r8kyn/I%20Need%20A%20Doctor%20%28Disco%20Reason%20Remix%29.mp3]



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