Dance Till You Drop – Wolfgang Gartner, Will.I.AM.

Everyday I wake up it seems that the world of music is changing a little but more toward the electric music genre.  I hate to say I told you so, but I really did.  Wolfgang Gartner is coming to Ann Arbor next week and I have my tickets set.  A year ago this show would have been a last night decision here in Ann Arbor, but I know that the venue will be packed.  And as I slowly see the midwestern states engulf what seems to me a new music movement it is only a matter of time that we will start to witness the South finally venture away from the country and have the cowboys raging to dance.  More and more movement will lead to more and more American electric DJs and I think that Wolfgang Gartner is up there as one of my favorites.  Here is his new song with entitled “Forever”.  If you liked “We No Speak Americano”, here’s a song that will remind you a lot of it “DRING DRING”. Last night I saw Your Highness, really funny movie, Natalie Portman is still perfect.

Wolfgang Gartner ft. – Forever [audio]

Noze ft. Rivastarr – DRING DRING (Riva Orkestra Remix)[audio]

Britney Spears – Till The World Ends (Blood Beetroots Remix) I know 3rd song of the week up by her, I can’t tell you why.


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