Dubstep Today: Skrillex, Vexare

Sorry for the delayed start to the day, rough morning for music.  I did however start up a blogroll and am pleased to announce that I Can Give You House is part of the music family here at thefreshnew.  Check them out at icangiveyouhouse.com. This morning, I did come across a new name to me, Vexare.  I dont know if it is his music or if its the fact that he’s 16 years old.  Regardless, his release “You Wouldn’t Know Me” has a catchy piano rhythm and has some bass lines that’ll keep you listening.  Also, I found a new remix to Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” done by NEUS as well as “Choose Me” a single done by Xilent which has a more harmonic synthesized bass line.

Vexare – You Wouldn’t Know Me [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7280107_knuzs/You%20Wouldn%5C%27t%20Know%20Me.mp3]

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (NEUS Remix) [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7280108_45aj5/Scary%20Monsters%20%26%20Nice%20Sprites%20%28NEUS%20Remix%29.mp3]

Xilent – Choose Me (Dubstep Mix) [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7280106_mbtrx/01%20Choose%20Me%20%28Dubstep%20Mix%29.mp3]


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