Heinekin Meets Darth Vader: Felguk, Asteroid Galaxy Tour

A few nights ago I had thought about how sick a dubby version of the Heinekin commercial song would be.  The song is called “The Golden Age” from The Asteroid Galaxy Tour.  Well this morning I happened to come across someone who beat me to the punch.  Not saying it is that incredible, but he still beat me.  Also check out Dath and Vader’s remix of Felguk’s “All Night Long” which is a really sick song.  Enjoy the morning tunes, we’ll be back for more beats later.

Felguk – All Night Long (Darth & Vader Remix) [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7303672_16g1p/All%20Night%20Long%20%28Darth%20%26%20Vader%20Remix%29.mp3]

The Asteroid Galaxy Tour- The Golden Age (Prince Vince Remix) [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7303673_wqk5d/05%20The%20Golden%20Age%20%28Prince%20Vince%20Remix%29.mp3]


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