Dubstep Today: Roksonix – 2bad, Helicopter Showdown – Dramatron

Circuis Records, a record label started by Flux Pavilion and Doctor P, has initiated a dubstep movement that has established its own sound and feel. Roksonix is undoubtedly one of their prime members and has really drooped the world’s face with their brand new single “2Bad”, a single that I’ver heard so many times but couldn’t put a name to. Please enjoy the song and if need be go get it on Beatport.

Helicopter Showdown is another story. Brand new to the bass game, they have been supported by some of the best on the stage such as Vaski, Bare, Sluggo and Rusko. There’s no doubt that these guys will make a killing in 2011. Here’s their new release “Dramatron”.

Roksonix – 2Bad Buy it on Beatport [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7323776_mbikj/10%202%20Bad.mp3]

Helicopter Showdown – Dramatron [audio http://boxstr.net/files/7323777_wnek9/Dramatron.mp3]


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