TOP 10 April 2011: BUST A PHONE

Is my music too loud or are you enjoying the vibrations? There goes another pair of headphones. I was doing so well until the left ear gave out and then the right one two minutes later. Not my beats, which I’d blow a boner about, but my everyday routine ones. I went to the hotel lobby and bought a shitty pair for the finale of my trip, but the $8.99 headphones also decided to give out before I could make it home. Worse, I kept playing with the wires so the left ear would come back but every time I move an inch, the music would go away. It was like schizophrenia was lurking in my eardrum. The good news is, I don’t let the little things bother me. Here’s the top 10 songs of April 2010 voted on and requested by you, the readers.

1) Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin – Save the World Tonight (Original Mix) [audio]

2) Calvin Harris (ft. Kelis) – Bounce [audio]

3) Lady Gaga – Died This Way (Skrillex Remix) [audio]

4) Millions Like Us – Don’t Let Go (Original Mix) [audio]

5) Skrillex – First of the Year [audio]

6) David Guetta ft. Nikki Minaj & Flo Rida – Where Dem Girls At (Afrojack Remix) [audio]

7) Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) [audio]

8) Chris Brown – Look at me Now ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne (No Big Deal Remix) [audio]

9) Laidback Luke ft. Lady Bee – Mortal Comeback [audio]

10) Swedish House Mafia – Another Way (Original Swede Mix) [audio]

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