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Last night I sat down with George Loukas, marketing and sales manager for 6N7 Music Label out of Toronto, Canada. 6N7 Music label is one of the hottest labels coming from our neighbors just north and their young talented artists are releasing some unbelievable work.  The label has given us a sneak peak of some of their music, cover art, and everything else that goes into their high quality productions. Also included is an exclusive, downloadable mix at the end of the article.

What is 6n7 music?
6N7 Music a Digital MP3 Record Label, owned and operated by George Loukas, James Makris and Rene Tavares……well at least that’s what our contracts say…In actuality, 6N7 Music is label for Artists by Artists. Our goal as a label is to represent our Artists first, while consistently improving the quality of our Brand.
What is the house/electronic music scene in Canada like, and how did the music movement inspire 6n7 music’s beginnings?
Unfortunately the Electronic Music scene doesn’t have the steam it once did. The mid to late 90’s was the peak time for Electronic music here in Toronto. There’s a lack of support at every level, from the labels to the Djs all the way down to the listeners. This is what inspired us to bring something new to Canada and the Global Market. A Label based on old school beliefs with forward thinking ideas and concepts.
What is the 6n7 Music mission statement?
It is our mission to always put our Artists first and to represent each of them to the very best of our abilities. To create a family environment of like minded individuals with the drive and talent to release quality records. In Life as in Business, people should always come first. We at 6N7 Music believe that.
What is the significance of the name “6n7”?
To be “six and sevens” is an old English phrase I heard when I toured Europe back in the late 90s. Its common in the United Kingdom. It is used to describe a state of Confusion, Disarray and Lunacy. I felt it best described the current state of the Music industry.
How many artists are on the 6N7 music label, who are they?
We have 15 signed artists that release with us regularly and a few that stop in occasionally for remix projects. 6N7 Music is over flowing with Musical Talent. Christian Poulsen, Matt Gracie, Lairdriver, Brad Goldfinger, Mr. Fantastic (Robert Muraine), Mario Takov, Rusu & Healey and Shar4 have all played a major role in the development of 6N7 Music.
For Remix support we often turn to Benny Knox, Brad Machado and Bobby Savage…they never fail to deliver.
We’ve recently signed some substantial artists such as Joe Ghost who’s “I just Came” Release has conquered the #14 spot on Beatport’s Top 100 Electro Chart in less then 3 days of its releases.
Toronto Legend Iron Mike and Nat Civello have also signed on for a new release called Trouse under the name Michael Vello, Trouse is progressive monster that’s sure to shake dance floors around the globe
We know that being from Canada, can almost go hand in hand with playing hockey. How many artists that 6n7 music has signed play hockey?
To be perfectly honest I have no idea…I could tell you what most of them have in their studios…lol. I couple of us play Golf…does that count?
For aspiring artists out there, what does a label like 6n7 Music look for and how would they contact you? 
What we look for is a nice clean sounding finished product. We do not accept sample mixes or “works in progress”. We need a good clear idea of what it is that’s being submitted. We also look for artists who want feedback on their work and are flexible in making any necessary changes to get the submission sounding just right. The quality of each release is very important to us.

All submissions are sent to our AR Department.
For Djs Relations/Promotions/Marketing you can email
What can electronic music fans around the world expect to see from 6n7 music in the near future?
We plan on being around for along time and to insure the longevity of the label we are constantly improving and increasing the quality of our releases. Our short term goals include moving into TV/Film licensing aswell as some 6N7 Music merchandising.
6N7 Music has some amazing and very original cover art, who handles the Art?
Stewart Graham of S272 Studios ( heads up our concept and design team. He puts together the theme of each release. He has a mad scientist kind of approach, he likes to push the envelope and it really shows in his work. Stewart is extremely talented and plays a very important role of the overall Branding of the Label. Its actually his designs that inspired us to move into merchandising.

 Piracy is obviously an issue in the Music Industry, what’s your take on it? 
As much as I believe people should be paid for they’re work, I also believe in being realistic. We’ve given the average person the power of the internate…what did we think would happen? Absolute digital freedom comes with a price and now we’re paying it. The days of making substantial revenue on an Album or single are over. 15-20 years ago a “Major” Label would invest tens of thousands of dollars into the production and marketing process. Those days are over.
Major Artists and Djs generate revenue from their Live shows and merchandise. Not from Record sales.
Today’s Producers/Artists need to understand that fact. That being said…Piracy is also is an excellent way for your work to be heard as well as to promote yourself.  My advice would be use it to your advantage.
 In three words, describe the 6n7 music.
 Quality, Ground breaking, Edgy

 6N7 Music Compilation Mixed By Lunatics of Sound [audio]

 Listen to their new releases via Beatport and Myspace
Visit them at Beatport!  (or click on the Beatport banner below)
An check out their Myspace page here.

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