Hip-Hop Dose: Tinie Tempah, Matt Easton, KAM Royal

Here’s a collection of beats I’ve rounded up this week. I’ve been off the hip-hop game as of late but all these are pretty catchy tunes that have some good lyrics too. Tinie Tempah is making a huge mark in the US and one of the best out of the country rappers we’ve seen in a while.  This song is a little lighter than we’re used to seeing from him, but the verses and lyrics are still really solid.  My favorite beat is the Matt Easton beat with the guitar and high pitched synth.  He has some witty stuff going on with his lyrics too, excited to see what comes out of this guy. KAM Royal reminds me a little bit of XV when his older things were coming out.  And of course after I here anything over one of my favorite beats Coastin’, I’m bound to put it up, 90’s Finest kills the whole song while also adding a deep bass synth in the background.

Matt Easton – Live Life
Tinie Tempah – So Addicted ft. Bei Maejor
KAM Royal – Dude (Prod. Felix Beats)
90’s Finest – Coastin
Huey Mack ft. Alex Kornfield – Closing (prod. by Brenton Duvall)

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