Skrillex – More Monsters and Sprites EP Review + Songs

Skrillex, our talented friend Sonny Moore, has risen to fame quicker than anyone else in music.  He arrived to the large scene just last year ago with his My Name Is Skrillex Album, which may still be my favorite, and is now one of the most requested DJs in the EDM scene.  This morning the music world was blessed with the release of his new EP More Monsters and Sprites, which came available to the public on Beatport and will be available to Itunes users on June 22nd.  The album is pretty much filth as both Kaskade and Dirtyphonics as well as a couple others, remix Skrillex’s More Monsters and Nice Sprites.  Also released was his new single Ruffneck which comes in two versions (flex and Full flex).  The album also premiers his newest hit single First Of the Year which is easily one of my favorite Originals from Sonny.  As always we hope that you buy the artists’ work we feature on Beatport HERE. However, here are the highlights of the album.

Skrillex – First Of The Year (Equinox) [TFN Pick]

Skrillex – Ruffneck (FULL Flex)

Skrillex – More Monsters And Nice Sprites (Dirtyphonics Remix) [TFN Pick]

Skrillex – More Monsters and Nice Sprites (Kaskade Remix)


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