In preparation for Borgore tonight at The Music Box, I wanted to warm all the LA fools with some dubbiness. Rusko puts out a new single Got You In Check something a little more calm for the ear, but dirty. We’ve also got 12th Planet in line with his new release with SPL Bass Ship, another slow but heavy production.  Awesome is an understatement with 12th Planet and as soon as he comes back to LA, I’m looking to see him. If you wanted some chill, relaxing dubstep…look no further than Mimosa’s new Psychedelic Stereo. I’ve been bumping this tune all night grinding and studying.  But of course if you want some harder shit than check out Ajapai & Adroa’s Six Four, a spin off of Easy E’s Boyz In the Hood.  Way back in the day…good times

Rusko – Got You In Check [audio]

SPL, 12th Planet – Bass Ship (Original Mix) [audio]

Mimosa – Psychedelic Stereo [audio]

Ajapai & Adroa – Six Four [audio]

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