TFN History 101

Its as though a molten fireball had hit the planet overcoming the Milky way predators, the galactic space monkeys, and the high profile outer space enforcement  alien police.  The fireball hit planet Earth without harming a single human life, sinking into the underlying mountains of the deep ocean blue.  Sitting there still burning underwater the fireball created a bubble of radiation giving more life, more voice, and more vision to the deepest dwelling animals this Earth is yet to discover.  Years and years pass and the fireball’s strength continued to prosper through the ocean sinks ,closing up on the fish, the boats, and has begun to reach the ocean shores. Spreading from stranded islands to large import docks, the potent radiation has slowly been tied into each and everyone of our DNA.  The feel we get when the beat hits our ears and the mindset that overcomes our body when the fireball begins to kick into effect.


TFN Sociology 101

Understandably so, the human race has evolved in time through such theories that can be explained by the many findings of Charles Darwin. The path stemmed from a small low life bacterium meeting up with a high profile multicellular species to recreate what one needed from the other.  Kind of like how men and women are today.  Through eras of dinousaurs and caveman we evolved into a society that has been shell shocked by gadgets and gizmos to better enjoy our lives.  We have our many differences in religion and government which has lead to war.  Yet, we all share one thing in common…our love for music.


TFN -Merriam Webstered

TFN [th uh-fresh- noo], n. verb adj. adv. prep.

1)Simply committed to bringing together the dubs, the drops, the builds, the climbs, and the flows music has to offer.
2)Allowing music enthusiasts around the world to enter into the newest music journey of their lives.
3)All natural encountering of FRESH

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