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Conquering the Carnival: EDC VEGAS 2011 RECAP + Sets, Videos, More

I just woke up after a 15 hour night sleep.  I know you guys want the recap so here’s the best I can do with a fried brain. I have surprises for you at the bottom along with my favorites of the week and some videos.  More to come…My three days in Las Vegas were some of the greatest days I will probably experience in my life.  Not only did Insomniac blow the minds of every individual attending the event with a lineup that was essentially perfect but they also ran a smooth event given the large crowds of people there. The carnival was an extremely successful project and Insomniac looks to keep the Vegas tradition going for their premier event.

MADNESS.  The carnival from beginning to end was madness. Upon entering, you would look down at the lit up Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  10 rides, 6 stages, and more than 80,000 people each day spread out amongst the concrete.  Every day there were artists that stood out to me as well as artists I was unable to see.  Every night I would leave the busy Las Vegas strip amped and come home to the sun rising exhausted but still a little amped.  I have pictures and videos to share which will go up in the coming day or two but the pictures only tell you half the story. The people I met and the faces I will never forget truly made the experience worthwhile.  To the sexy 6, we killed the Carnival, probably would have died without you guys there.  Shouts out to all those fools as well as the people I met and will probably never see again!

Friday night seems like a blur to me right now.  It was a tough night for everyone as the city wasn’t fully prepared for the massiveness of the event.  Slowly but surely people made their way into the event after what seemed like a full cavity search by some of the huskiest security guards I’ve ever laid eyes on (more about the security guards to come).  I entered into the field in time to see Wolfgang Gartner go at it on the Kinetic Field.  As expected, the man killed it.  His best song was Space Junk which many DJs played over the course of the weekend.  Next up was Dirty South, who was surprisingly better than what I was expecting.  Then madness came in with the almighty Tiesto.  Tiesto was superior to anyone I saw Friday night.  His presence on the stage was felt by the 30,000 plus people on the field.  He did not play Escape Me which was a little disappointing for me however he by all means killed the night.  I then caught the end Calvin Harris and beginning of Steve Aoki.  Calvin’s Bounce  got the crowd moving while Aoki got way into his entire set playing some really heavy stuff he wrote with Travis Barker.  The night came to an end with R3hab and watching the sun rise from the early morning sky.

Fridays winners: Wolfgang, Tiesto, Myself

Fridays losers: Aoki

Saturday was like the road less taken by.  Because even if I had super powers to be in the same place at one time, I still couldn’t be everywhere I wanted to be. Saturday was also the day I completely lost control from the music.  Driving to the event with more efficiency, I was later pretty much raped by the man dude in the front of the security line.  He not only made me take out basically everything I brought but also made me cut off the little string cutter that comes on basically every pair of boardshorts.  He took 5 that evening, mine was his 6th! A job well done sir.  After that he turned me around and got all up in my business, and after what seemed like 5 minutes of searching he decided to let me in.  After my butt raping by the security guard  my friends and I (sexy 6) immediately went to Porter Robinson. Porter put on an amazing show and I was real surprised to see the size of the audience he drew.  From there, I saw Feed Me who was also very impressive and got the crowd off their feet. I was able to catch the way end of Martin Solveig  in preparation for one of the better sets of the weekend from Afrojack.  Afrojack probably decided not to get too drunk that evening because he handled himself well and played an unforgettable set.  We then made our way to the Bass Pod to see some dubstep.  Here’s where the night got out of hand.  12th planet unexpectedly made my face melt, and while melted, Ruskso was able to make it melt even more.  These sets where the highlight of the night up until the king himself set foot on the stage.  Catching the end of Jack Beats, we started to make our way up to what I believe was the set of the weekend, Skrillex.  Skrillex showed the crowd that he can play any type of music and throw a party.  He played every song you wanted him to play as well as some new songs, some old school rap, some Michael Jackson, and finished it off with his Cinema remix and a tribute to Ryan Dunn. We had to sit down for a second and made our way to the field (Cosmic Meadow) to just discuss what we had gone through.  While there, we saw Boys Noize watched the sun rise, and headed back to the hotel.  Saturday was epic.

Saturday Winners: Everyone

Saturday Loseres: Everyone not there

Waking up was hard to do throughout the entire trip.  Sunday I could have been raped by security guard friend and still not waken up.  I think I played some early morning black jack and killed it although that may have been the previous morning.  Sunday the Sexy 6 minus 2 made their way to Night 3.  A little depressed it was ending, we frantically made our way to the front of the field to stand for the next 5 hours of our lives.  And when I say stand I actually mean dance and sweat more than a donkey.  Surprised, I found myself raging to Paul Oakenfold a set I hadn’t prepared for however was one of the better sets of the evening.  Following Oakenfold after a million I <3 Avicii beach balls (I brought one home), came out the Swedish sensation himself.  Avicii started a little slow however ended strongly with Seek Bromance and Levels.  He also featured his new vocal version of Penguin.  The set finished and I was sweating my dick off. Something told me to not leave and I was happy with my decision as newbie Alesso made his way to the stage.  He put on an epic 30 minute set to warm the fans up for Swedish House Mafia.  Now I was maybe the third row behind the gates that fenced the stage.  I will probably neve be that close in that big of a field in my life again. Swedish House was another set that I will never forget. The transition, the flow, and the energy the three guys give always allows for a rediculous time.  Time went by quickly and after catching a little Laidback Luke who also was doing it Right in Vegas, I had to sit for a second to catch my breath.  I re-upped and made my way to Dada Life to end of an unforgettable festival.  THE SUN ROSE FOR THE FINAL TIME AS I SAID MY FINAL GOODBYES TO FESTIVAL LIFE FOR NOW.

Sunday Winners: Alesso, SHM, Oakenfold

Sunday Losers: Deadmau5 (because he wasn’t there)

TOP 5 Sets:

1. Skrillex – You are the dirtiest DJ on the planet

2. Swedish House Mafia – From the minute the trio entered to the minute they finished, they kept the 50,000 people on the field dancing

3. Afrojack – I thought I saw it all from this guy, he really came out and impressed me. I now truly believe he has talent to become one of the best DJs in the world.

4. 12th Planet/Rusko – The duo takes the 4 spot.  These guys are killing the dubstep game and won’t be going away any time soon.

5. Alesso – Do not sleep on this name.  He will be shining in the years to come.


Sets To Download: Here’s my special gift to all you guys that were unable to make it or who would like to relive the experience. I have posted some of the better sets. Much Love.

Afrojack @ Electric Daisy Carnival (6-25-2011) [audio]

Alesso @ Electric Daisy Carnival (6-26-2011) [audio]

Avicii @ Electric Daisy Carnival (6-26-2011) [audio]

Laidback Luke @ Electric Daisy Carnical (6-26-2011) [audio]

Paul Oakenfold @ Electric Daisy Carnival (6-26-2011) [audio]


EDC Vegas 2011: Saturday Night Preview Pt.3 – Kinetic Field

Saturday Night is by far the night I am looking forward to most this weekend. The lineup is too massive and too versatile for one night of fun.  That being said, I have a generally good idea of who I am looking forward to seeing and who I’m dying to see.  While the dubstep lineup is gigantic Saturday, house music brings some of the top DJs to its fronts for the night’s party. Afrojack and David Guetta have released single after singles as of ate and their newest Bass Line will be played at a number of sets this weekend.  We follow Afrojack’s set at 10:45-12 with one of my favorite performances in music, Benny Benassi. Ever since Ultra, I have held a tremendous amount of respect for this guy, literally busting out a 20 minute dub portion on the main stage. He is experimental in his approach and flawless in his style.  Here’s a song, evident of Benassi’s versatility in his originals.

Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (J.Rabbit Bit) 

As we move later into the night, Vegas-goers will be blessed with the appearance of David Guetta.  His sets are always a thrill and he is bound to bring out some special guests every time he controls the platform.  Look for Afrojack to join him on stage as well as someone like Kid Cudi (who will also be at the Hard Rock the previous night)

David Guetta – One More Love

After a performance that will leave the crowd in awe, none other than Above and Beyond will follow.  Largely known for their ultra state of Trance, Above & Beyond is a perfect closing act (even though Sidney Samson follows).  Their new releases include Thing Called Love which has a few sick remixes, as well as Sun And Moon.

Above & Beyond – Thing Called Love (Mat Zo Remix) 

Above & Beyond – Sun and Moon (Kim Fai Dub Mix) 

EDC Vegas 2011: Friday Night Preview Pt.2 – Kinetic Field

The Kinetic Field is one of the most epic scenes you will see at any festival. Otherwise known as the Main Stage, the Kinetic Field on Friday Night will play host to some of the best DJs on the planet.  While I’m not in my dubstep zone and feel like dancing it out, I will be heading here. The night starts at 8 but getting there at 1045, you will be able to see Wolfgang Gartner kick off a glorious round of DJs.  Wolfgang hasn’t come out with too much new stuff as of late however he is always a great set to see.

From there we move to 11:30 where Dirty South is on.  No lying, I will probably miss the set even though I’ve heard some good things only because my boy Borgore will probably be tearing it up.  However, were on a non-commitment basis this week and I may just end up in the middle of the Kinetic Field.  Dirty South’s Big Song this year was their remix with of Diddy Dirty Money’s I’m Coming Home.

Diddy – Dirty Money – Coming Home (The Dirty South Remix)

The act is followed by none other than Tiesto himself.  The guy knows how to put on a show and there’s no doubt in my mind he will absolutely kill the 2 hr times slot he has.  His release of Club Life Vol.1  has been a huge success and has released a few tracks as of late, including Green Sky which will surely be a top dance song this month.  Here’s a remix I just picked up by Ken Loi of Tiesto and Kaskade’s Only You.

Tiesto & Kaskade – Only You (Ken Loi Remix)

Following this will not be an easy task, however when we’re talking about EDC we can;t assume anything.  Steve Angello will take the stage for the hour and a half following Tiesto.  Here’s a new single by Swedish House Mafia featured on the site a few weeks backNo Life Till Leather featuring Kate Madson.

Swedish House Mafia – No Life Till Leather ft. Kate Matson (Original Mix)

EDC Lineup Announced

Vegas, here we come. The lineup features everything and everyone. Saturday night looks to be my favorite with Bassnectar, 12th Planet, Rusko, Jack Beats, Skrillex, and MSTRKRFT playing back to back to back to back to back to back. But Give me some time to draft up the three day road map. This will be epic.

Check it out HERE.

Box Of Mess and 618 Music and Arts Festival Contest

Box of Mess is an official media affiliate of an event called 618 Music and Arts Festival, 618fest is an “electronically flavored” independent music and arts festival. They are currently running a contest for free tickets and discount tickets.  Interested? Peep the lineup.

“Kicking off at noon, Tayyib Ali and Shwayze flood the day with their slick, hip-hop beats. As the sun sinks behind the water, Major Lazer’s Switch, The Cataracs, Porter Robinson, and many more will slam the night with their hard-hitting, electronic waves. This is where you’ll want to be. Join the movement. And don’t miss the celebration of the summer!The electronically-flavored festival!The Rage on the River, 618.”

With the help of Pixie & Buck, the company that specializes in producing independent music events and is the head company working the 618fest, presents a contest where the winner will get one free ticket to 618 Music and Arts Festival at Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia PA. (June 18th, 2011)

Click this link to enter the contest and check out the promo video below! Link

618 Music and Arts Festival from Pixie and Buck on Vimeo.

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