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The Locker Room: Electronic Songs of the Week

Songs that make you want to touch the sky.

3LAU – Girls Who Save The World (ft. Alesso vs. Swedish House Mafia vs. Britney Spears vs. Marton Solveig) [audio]

Cold Blank – Los Angeles (Original Mix) [audio]

Dirty South – Let It Go (BigMak Remix) [audio]

Fedde Le Grand – Metrum (Original Club Mix) [audio]

Tiesto – Green Sky (Original Mix) [audio]

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Oh Snap! Dubs out David Guetta

When I first heard this song my first reaction was Skrillex Cinema and while this may not be the banger Skrillex had created, Oh Snap has definitely taken it to another level by dubbing out David Guetta’s When Love Takes Over.  The song starts off with the slow progressive piano that David Guetta originated, however after the build up hell breaks loose with High Rankin’ Machete. Oh Snap!! mixes their deep bass line and heavy cut drops.  This song is pretty epic.

David Guetta vs. High Rankin’ – When Machete Takes Over (Oh Snap!! Bootleg) [audio]

Source: Disco Demons

F*cking in The Woods

UK Producer Michael Woods has been around for a while and its to no surprise he’s letting out monster songs and remixes as of late. What you may not have known is his music name was first “Warrior”, which I don’t know, I think that’s a pretty cool name. Well, Warrior showed the world who’s who with his new single….”What’s what” ?Should be a great night tonight and you can bet I’m going to bump both of these tunes while I watch the Lake Show. The second is a mashup of so many great songs coming from a number of top notch DJs, pretty hard to mess a song up like this one up, hits well nonetheless.

Michael Woods – What’s What [audio]

Axwell vs Candi Staton vs SHM & Laidback Luke vs Ianick – You Got Iliad’s Heart Behind (Munich House Mafia Bootleg) [audio]

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Kaskade Monday’s have been going on for a while now and I have not seen anything new or exciting to post until today, and its a mashup. However the new Digital Lab version of this song was a little too much to take this morning so I decided to put up the regular version which I feel is a little better sounding and cleaner. Clockwork just released his new EP Clipz which features a remixed version of Valerna’s “Amazing”. The kid’s got some talent. FTampa is a DJ out of Brazil that has been killing it as of late and I just grabbed his new remix of “Turn it Up” a new song released from Cool Project & Scotto. This song has dance written all over it.

Valerna – Amazing (Clockwork Remix)

Cool Project & Scotto ft. Mcperplex – Turn it Up (FTampa Remix)

Kaskade vs. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Dada Life – Stars Align Tomorrow


I won’t take too long on this one, mostly because it has no new songs going on it and my next post is ten times the intensity and music as this one.  Yet, if you like playing the mashups and want to hear a good remix done by No Big Deal, then check these songs out.  If you’re going to make a mashup may as well put Weezy over Flux Pavilion, can’t complain. Happy Friday

Slaptop – Gold Dust [audio]

Chris Brown – Look at me Now ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne (No Big Deal Remix) [audio]

Warren G ft. Snoop Dog – Regulate (The Polish Ambassador Remix) [audio]

Afternoon Delight: Music in the Coming Weeks

Well now that I look at it, it’s 7:00 pm, so that means I definitely lost track of times about four hours ago.  So you ask what’s in store for the coming weeks.  Here’s a little preview of what to expect to be released covering all genres for all the music lovers.  That means when you’re partying and you bring one of these songs out this weekend, you won’t only be the coolest guy in the room, but also your cock will grow exponentially bigger. I dare you.


Blood Beetroots – Warp (Wonkap Remix)

Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (VIP Remix) 

Zelda – Lost Woods (Ephixa Remix) [audio]


Alex Gaudino ft. Kelly Rowland – What A Feeling (Hardwell Remix) [audio]

Lookback – Musika (Original Mix) [audio]


Afrojack vs. Adele – Rolling it Right (DEFEP Bootleg) [audio]

Masharoni and Cheese – New Phoenix x Lil’ Wayne

Who would have guessed that the sounds of Phoenix, indie rock specialists, and Lil’ Wayne, who has collided with Mike Posner and J-Lo since out of jail, would go hand in hand to make some good sounding songs? Well his name is Tumblewoof, Dylan Sieh a young gun out of New Jersey, and he put together an EP that has 5 soild sounding tracks that are good for down time and a chill sesh. Here are my favorite two off the album, if you like them, check out the link to download his CD.

Full CD Download: Lil’Wayne X Phoenix

Lil’Wayne X Phoenix – Stunnin’ in 1901

Lil’Wayne X Phoenix – Armillistice

Mashup – A first

In the world of music where I stand today there’s only two things that piss me off. Mashups and Deadmau5. Mashups mostly because 90% of them are awful, a mistake of some unknown DJ to mix two completely irrelevant songs to make something that only sounded good to them when they were stoned. Look no further than the woman who spend 100K on plastic surgery, a mashup herself.  Deadmau5, because he doesn’t know how to finish a concert, left everyone at ULTRA without dropping the build-up, and wears the mouse face that should be covering plastic surgery bitch up there. Well today I’ll throw you some of that 10% of mashups I like, no Deadmau5 though, I need some time to recover or a single that blows my mind away.

D.veloped – Bring Em Home (Edward Sharpe // T.I.) [audio]

Kaskade, Diddy, Dirty Money & Dirty South – Coming Home at 4 AM [audio]



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