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Modstep – Sunlight

Straight. No posts today. New World coming soon!

Dubstep Today: BOOM

Boom! Couples Retreat with 4 or 5 funny scenes total (Go to 2:10).  But the main focus today is the “Boom”.  Boom is like a drop.  Listen to the boom. Feel the boom.  Here’s your daily dose of dubstep. Boom.

Nero – The Way You Make Me Feel [audio]

Excision & Datsik – 8Bit Superhero [audio]

Richard Durand ft. Kash – Explode (Jacob Plant Remix) [audio]

The Boomerz ft. Ftampa – Boom [audio]

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Skrillex – Rock N Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) Video

Unofficial Avicii – Sun Goes Down

Tomorrowland is my dream event, taking place over the summer in Belgium.  While I cannot say I will be in Belgium this summer, you can sure as hell bet I will make it there once in my life. Probably next year when my brain doesnt have to work.  The official pre-sale started, and the official theme song for the event was released.  Here, I give to you……..AVICII.

Avicii – Sun Goes Down (Official Tomorrowland 2011 Theme Song) [audio]

Tyler The Creator – She (feat. Frank Ocean) MUSIC VIDEO

Check out Tyler, The Creator‘s latest music video, made for the song “She” featuringFrank Ocean and off his album GOBLIN.



Caspa – Fullham 2 Waterloo (Video)

Caspa is one of the few sets that you can pretty much guarantee an amazing performance. This video is all about a English cab driver having a shit day and getting rewarded after it all. Caspa to save the day.

Kid Cudi – Perfect Is The World

Out of respect for my favorite rapper of all time, I decided to put up his new rock track Perfect Is The World.  I do not back the track, but Cudi’s a legend and not putting him up on TFN would only be disrespectful.  He also released the official video of his song Marijuana which is a classic.  Rappers should stick to doing what they do best…Lil’ Wayne.

Kid Cudi & Dot da Genius – Perfect is the World [audio]


Oh My God It’s Techno Music – Back

The website that can probably take all the credit for getting me into the house music movement is back at it again. The Oh My God It’s Techno Music Youtube channel is back up and running.


Evolution of Workouts: A trip back in time

We have entered a fitness era where gym memberships have gone up and the number of fat people has gone even higher.  It doesn’t help if you walk on the treadmill when you go to Mickey Ds for your post game workout meal. I’ve never been one for the workout at home videos, mostly because I can’t take orders, but also because the people working out on the side just always seem to freak me out.  However, take me back to the 1990s with Traci Lords, and my mindset may be a little different. After watching this like 6 times I figured I’d give my opinion on the matter.

1) What the fuck…really?
2) Why are we working out in this sketch living room?
3) It’s not like I’m an Athletic Trainer…but I’m pretty sure this is all just a fucked up porno with no real exercise benefits,
4) “Transition”
5) Thank god Billy Blanks in Taebo didn’t give it to the ground like its getting it here.
6) Nice Tits

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