TOP 10s

—————————————————————————————————————————————-It’s more than just a simple collection of songs.  The TOP 10 is kind of like your go to nerd. The fool in the front with the straight As, rolling back pack, schedule as his background image.  He wears skinny jeans because his knots do fit. You catch the drift yet?  The nerd’s got the answers to the final exam and he’s your short cut to passing.  If you’re in it to win it, the TOP 10s provide a month’s coverage of the most popular songs of that Month (voted on and hand-selected by you, the readers).

Cafeteria Food

—————————————————————————————————————————————-Cafeteria food smells like almost everything mixed up into one.  You can get a slice of pizza, a sandwich, some chips, or a drink.  It’s a collection of foods, colors, people, and…food. Here at theFreshNew we like our food, but we like our music more.  Cafeteria food is a database of songs that are filed under a specific category.  You may encounter some rap, techno, or house but it all fits under the same ideology.  It unites the music, just as your tray might do to food in the cafeteria.  Did you want a dubsicle for dessert?

The Easy A

—————————————————————————————————————————————-Crunch time and you need that laid back class that won’t interfere with your social schedule, its the Easy A. The Easy A is a GPA booster. Its a class for the procrastinators and dweebs.  Most likely a hot teach on deck.  TheFreshNew Easy A is a collection of mixes and mixtapes from featured artists on the site.  It’s for the party animals that forgot to make their playlist but also for the dweebs to lazy to make a playlist.  It’s the last minute go to spot when you need to get that certain something together.  Check it 4pointoh.

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