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What Happens In Vegas: Avicii, Nero…

Here’s when I say goodbye to you. I’d like to leave in style so much of what I say may be totally irrelevant to the music.  I have some brand spankin’ new Avicii and Nero for you.  Tomorrow will begin madness. 200,000 people, 6 stages, 1 me.  I dont know the numbers really. Might have mixed up a few.  There’s little failure when it comes to this lineup, some may say none at all.  But let it be known, that in the middle of the Entertainment capital of the world, everyone will be dancing their pants off. I don’t even know if I plan on sleeping yet, but I plan on being pant-less at some point. However, it is my priority to give you a first hand account, if you will not be there (not a porno sick fucks).  If you do plan on going, find me. If you are planning on going to Skrillex, I can tell you, that I will most certainly be there.  Find me if you can….  Where the fuck is Waldo? Peace and Love! Bring it Vegas.

Avicii – Muja [audio]

Avicii – Sound of Now [audio]

Nero – My Eyes [audio]

Nero – Book Of Harmony [audio]

Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) [audio]

Style of Eye + Magnus The Magnus – The Antidote (Pleasurekraft Remix) 

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Dubstep Today: Adventure Club

If you like the sound of some dub over softer music, then you will for sure enjoy the remixes that Adventure Club has been doing as of late.  I have put them up before, but I couldn’t resist after hearing what great sounds they have been making.  I see much more coming from them in the near future.  Hope you’ve been having a good Friday.  Now let me get back to my Coachella.

Temper Trap – Love Lost (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) [audio]

Brand New – Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) [audio]

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