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Dubstep Today: FIRE UPON US

Being back home, is always better for the music fans out there. More shows, more people, and more fun. Today I came across a set that should disprove any dubstep doubter out there. A set that features some of the great Flux Pavilion as well as the best dub song of last year, Skrillex’s remix of “Cinema”. The set includes some Weezy, Eminem, and Zoe. A lot of filthy, hope you all enjoy.

Double Shot – Fuckin Fire
Download The Fire
1. Flux Monsters – Kap Slap
2. Closer – Document One
3. Aliens Are Comling – Gio Electro
4. Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
5. Beautiful Death – Torus
6. What You Know About Dubstep (Feed Me Vs. T.I.) – Roboroc
7. Seduction – Pete Miles
8. Petty Cash – Document One
9. I’ve Got – M-theory
10. Superman (Stylust/Zooted Remix)
11. Dazed and Confused (Skism remix)
12. Sonic Manipulator – Document One
13. A Single Moment of Sincerity (Bare Remix)
14. Forgive Me – Document One
15. I Got It (Stylust Dubstep Remix)
16. I Can’t Stop – Flux Pavilion
17. The Force – Robokop
18. Night By Night (Project Aspect Remix)

Hey Bonus!

Nero – Innocence (Feed Me Remix)

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