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Dubstep Today: BOOM

Boom! Couples Retreat with 4 or 5 funny scenes total (Go to 2:10).  But the main focus today is the “Boom”.  Boom is like a drop.  Listen to the boom. Feel the boom.  Here’s your daily dose of dubstep. Boom.

Nero – The Way You Make Me Feel [audio]

Excision & Datsik – 8Bit Superhero [audio]

Richard Durand ft. Kash – Explode (Jacob Plant Remix) [audio]

The Boomerz ft. Ftampa – Boom [audio]

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EDC Vegas 2011: Friday Night Preview Pt.1 – Bass Pod

For those who were around to see it, earlier on in the TFN history books we gave an artist preview for the 15 days before Ultra. Well we’re back at it, and the next on the Festival list is EDC. Insomniac has blessed us with three loaded nights full of high energy and breathtaking experiences. The first stage I want to focus on for Friday’s show is the Bass Pod stage. More specifically, the time slots that fill up the 11-3 period.

Bass Pod-Friday Night
At 1130 pm the Bass Pod will experience a breathtaking set by none other than Israeli dubstep producer Borgore.  With his release of his Delicious EP, all Bass Poders will be taking in some wobbly sounds as the release was an instant success.  Some of my favorites from Borgore include the song itself Delicious as well as his remake of Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead.

Borgore – Delicious (Original Mix) [TFN Pick]

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix)

Borgore’s set will finish up somewhere in between 1230 and 1 but will kick off my EDC in the best of ways.  From there the Bass Pod features Canadian sensation Excision.  Excision aka Jeff Abel has just released an EP with Downlink entitled Existence.  If you haven’t heard the EP, I highly recommend stepping up your game.  Here’s my favorite two off the album Blue Steel and Existence (VIP).

Excision and Downlink – Blue Steel

Excision & Downlink – Existence VIP

Finally as the destruction of Excision starts to come to some sort of calming halt, UK duo Skream & Benga come to the stage.  I don’t remember too much the last time I saw the two live, however I do remember that I was totally captivated by the music and lost all sense of what was going on around me.  This is what happens when you get into the music, these guys are gonna kill it! Oh yeah I saw them at Ultra…

Katy B. – On A Mission (prod. Benga) 

Cassius – I Love You So (Skream Remix)

Skream and Benga Live at Ultra 2011

Excision and Downlink – Existence EP

Canadian Dubstep gods Excision and Downlink have finally released there much anticipated Existence EP. The album is full of DnB.  Buy the EP here or click on the album front below.

Excision and Downlink – Blue Steel [audio]

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