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New Sounds: SwagSounds

My hip-hop/rap posts have become quite non-existant.  That’s not to say I am completely done with it. I listen to the genres all the time. But my boy has just started up his new blog that features a tone of new rap/hip-hop as well as a good amount of electronic music. The site is  Check them out when you have a chance.  Here’s my favorite song from the newest XV mixtape Zero Heroes prod. by Seven entitled Pictures On My Wall.

XV – Pictures On My Wall (Prod. Seven)   

New Hip-Hop: Kenton Dunson

In November 2009, multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Kenton Dunson began renting rooms at various hotels in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. with the intention of utilizing them as recording retreats. This process sustained throughout the entire winter and moved the artist to resign from a primary career to pursue the release of the 13-song project created over that span entitled “The Kenton Dunson Progressions”.

His new release Rolling Stone offers up some melody and swag in one.

Kenton Dunson – Rolling Stone ft. Garret Anderson [audio]

Hip-Hop Dose: Tinie Tempah, Matt Easton, KAM Royal

Here’s a collection of beats I’ve rounded up this week. I’ve been off the hip-hop game as of late but all these are pretty catchy tunes that have some good lyrics too. Tinie Tempah is making a huge mark in the US and one of the best out of the country rappers we’ve seen in a while.  This song is a little lighter than we’re used to seeing from him, but the verses and lyrics are still really solid.  My favorite beat is the Matt Easton beat with the guitar and high pitched synth.  He has some witty stuff going on with his lyrics too, excited to see what comes out of this guy. KAM Royal reminds me a little bit of XV when his older things were coming out.  And of course after I here anything over one of my favorite beats Coastin’, I’m bound to put it up, 90’s Finest kills the whole song while also adding a deep bass synth in the background.

Matt Easton – Live Life
Tinie Tempah – So Addicted ft. Bei Maejor
KAM Royal – Dude (Prod. Felix Beats)
90’s Finest – Coastin
Huey Mack ft. Alex Kornfield – Closing (prod. by Brenton Duvall)

Timeflies – Never Grow Up

Timeflies is a multi-faceted music duo featuring DJ/Producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Cal. They are based in Boston, but the guys are originally from New Jersey and New York. Using select elements of pop, hip-hop, electro, dubstep, and rock, Timeflies has escaped genre limitations. The duo plays shows across the country and is currently working on new tracks in the studio.

This is like the old Vitamin C Graduation song except on crack.

Timeflies – Never Grow Up (ft. Loggy and Mike Stud) [audio]


You might have thought we have been sleeping on our rap/hip hop game. Well here is a wrap up of what we have missed out on for the past couple of weeks. Expect more to come with weekly updates on thefreshnew.

Rick Ross has been killing it with wale and meek milli. Maybach music has established themselves with G.O.O.D. music and YMCMB. Pandemonium is the hottest track out in rap right now.

You might not have heard of XV, but the rapper from Kansas came out with possibly the best mixtape of the year. DO NOT SLEEP ON XV. That’s Just Me

XV – That’s Just Me (Prod. D.Swiff) [audio]

Tyga from YMCMB has been holding it down for the west coast. His new mixtape blackthoughts Vol.2 shows his improvements from just a few months ago. The mixtape features colabs with Game, Pharrell, and Lloyd. Here is We Up

Tyga – We Up [audio]

-Benny C

Rolling Papers


Hello, hope everyones been having a good day. It’s about that time to head home, relax and enjoy the sweet harmony of some new Wiz Khalifa music.  His new album “Rolling Papers” will be released on March 29th.  However, a special sneep peak at this album is the reason of this post.  Everyone has heard the song “Black and Yellow” so I decided to give you some Bassnectar with that joint.  But the two others show that the new album looks to be promising.


Download: Wiz Khalifa – Young, Wild, & Free ft. Snoop Dogg [Mediafire]

Download: Wiz Khalifa vs. Bassnectar – Yellow-Head (Captured By Kings Mashup) [MediaFire]

Download: Wiz Khalifa – Moola And The Guap (Prod. By Sledgren) [Mediafire]

Late Night Munchies

For all the insomniacs out there of if you’ve gotten to that point where you’re just craving some cookies tonight, well you’re in luck.  Here are a few songs by the Cheap Thrills and Foster the People that are fresh out the oven. A nice cool mix of some rap and some blend.  Listen up! Baker’s orders.  Holla atcha.


Download: Cheap Thrills – Hold On Tight ( Wiz Khalifa vs. Foster the People) [Zippyshare]

Download: Cheap Thrills – Let Me Dope You (ft. Body Language) [SoundCloud]

Download: Foster the People – Helena Beat [Zippyshare]



Gorilla Warfare Tactics

Gorilla Warfare Tactics is an up and coming hip hop trio based out of New York City. Their music is heavily influenced by the feel of old school hip hop, as well as the new wave of dynamic artists such as Kanye West, J Cole, and Jay Electronica. When I first heard their single “Temptations”, I was on seat’s edge for a new release.  I search some more to find out that they not only have a few other hits, but have released their premier album.  These guys are up and comers, be on the look out for some more in the coming months. If you like what you hear, check out there new mixtape, download link posted below.

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Temptations

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dream Green

Download: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Premier Mixtape

Mile High: My Boulder Visit

Landing in Boulder with a forecast of snow may seem dreadful, especially when you grow up in California.  But, when you go to school in Michigan, its nice to see deer posted up in the snow rather than convicts and hoodrats.  Truth is, Boulder was sick! I visited my two best boys from home Stavis and Drewy and met the homie Dan, got to jarty how they do it Boulder style, and got lucky enough to see CU upset Texas in basketball which led to a storming of the court.  It just so happens that they shared with me some Buffalo swag that will forever remind me of the great times we had on the Flat Irons.  Here’s to you boys

Download on links or via SoundCloud Arrow

Download:Rebelution – Safe and Sound (Zion-I Remix) [Mediafire]

Download:Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – Home (Whole-Z Remix) [Mediafire]

Download:N.A.S.A – Gifted (Masuka Remix) [Mediafire]



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