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What started out as a small movement, Odd Future, and rap star Tyler, The Creator are making headlines across America.  They Love it.  All these guys do is spread the Cali Culture through their lyrics and actions and the world is starting to really get a feel for it.  New release Goblin is selling, and can be purchased straight through their website. Check out these two new songs of their new album and start to get a feel for the group, they’re just getting started. Look at the fooligans on the rooftop in Boston and check the news reporter comedian

Tyler, The Creator – Tron Cat
Tyler, The Creator – She (ft. Frank Ocean)

Tyler, The Creator: Goblin Preview 2 + Snippets

If you’ve been keeping up on the rap game, you know that Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator is about to make a scene with his new release Goblin.  On this track we have snippets of all 18 songs on the album as well as Part 2 of the infamous Thurnis Haley series, Tyler’s golfing alter ego.

Tyler, The Creator – Album [Snippets]

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