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Heard Of Us Preview: Peacetreaty Dropping Hard

New exclusive remix of Sporty O and Whiskey Pete’s Never Grow Up done by Peacetreaty which drops May 30th on  Here’s a sneak peak of what is sure to be a banger!

Sporty O & Whiskey Pete – Heard Of Us (Peacetreaty Remix) [audio]

Dubstep Today: The Dubble Bubble

Whether you’re inside or out of the dubstep bubble, community for lack of a better word, there is a fine line drawn between the more low-key dubstep genre and the fast pitch, tweaking lights dubstepg genre.  I like to think I’m somewhere in between the two, but depending on the situation I can easily find myself listening to both. Today I have a number of songs that have qualities of both fast and slow twitch (reference few will get) dubstep bubbles.  Either way one of these songs will make you just as happy as the dubble bubble dude who always seems to be posted up blowing bubbles bigger than his head, an accomplishment at that alone.


Doctor P Ft. Chase & Status – Tek Your Time (Trolley Snatcha Reloop) [audio]

Danny Byrd feat. Netsky – Tonight (Cutline Remix) [audio]

Peacetreaty – Change (Flinch Remix) [audio]


Skrillex – Disco Rangers [audio]

Nero – Crush On You [audio]

Bare & Datsik – King Kong [audio]

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