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When I was 14 years of age I was more concerned about the next Madden game coming out or the girl I was trying to get with.  But Vexare has literally bitch-slapped my 14 year-old self in the face.  He’s a 14-year old producer out of Los Angeles, California.  He incorporates melodic tunes into his dubstep. And he’s here to save the world.  You want to hear more of his stuff?  Check out his Youtube channel for all of his latest releasers HERE. Here’s his new release Firing which was remixed by Cyberoptics.  Warning: 14 year olds have crazy shit going through their minds.

Vexare – Firing (Cyberoptics Remix) [audio]

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Dubstep Today: Skrillex, Vexare

Sorry for the delayed start to the day, rough morning for music.  I did however start up a blogroll and am pleased to announce that I Can Give You House is part of the music family here at thefreshnew.  Check them out at This morning, I did come across a new name to me, Vexare.  I dont know if it is his music or if its the fact that he’s 16 years old.  Regardless, his release “You Wouldn’t Know Me” has a catchy piano rhythm and has some bass lines that’ll keep you listening.  Also, I found a new remix to Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” done by NEUS as well as “Choose Me” a single done by Xilent which has a more harmonic synthesized bass line.

Vexare – You Wouldn’t Know Me [audio]

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (NEUS Remix) [audio]

Xilent – Choose Me (Dubstep Mix) [audio]

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